Born in Africa stimulates social and educational development in children, striving to create economically self-sustainable adults

Born in Africa stimulates social and educational
development in children, striving to create economically
self-sustainable adults

Meet our team in Belgium

Our team members in Belgium all serve as board members and ensure that the organization runs smoothly.  Each board member is passionate about BIA and is actively involved on a daily basis.  Thanks to their hard work and dedication, we will continue to aid our children in South Africa. 

  • Georges De Smul


    He carries the responsibility of liaison between all the board members and volunteers. He is consciously busy with fundraising for BIA. For more information about our organisation, please feel free to take up further contact with Georges.

  • Remi De Backer

    Vice-chairman PR-coordinator between SA and Belgium

    Remi is chairman of BIA South Africa.  He also plays liaison between BIA Belgium and South Africa and together with his wife Lieve, they are both play integral roles in fundraising for our organisation. When they are in South Africa they work as volunteers for BIA. 

  • Jaak Leenknegt

    Corporate Fundraising

    Jaak is responsible for corporate fundraising in Belgium and he is also involved with public relations.

  • Nele Schroyen

    Administrative Support and Translator

    Nele assists the BIA organization by translating many articles and our newsletters and assists Lotte in preparing volunteers and interns before they come to South Africa.

  • Lotte Van Buyten

    Administrative support and volunteer placement

    Lotte has volunteered at BIA three times and now leads the volunteer placement program for the organization.

  • Veronique Claes

    Volunteer Guidance

    Veronique assists with the guidance and placement of volunteers.

  • Hanneke Siebelink


    As co-founder of BIA she was initially responsible for the bookkeeping. With her current position as advisor, she supports the team in Belgium.

  • Lieve Platteau

    Administrative support

    As co-founder she is partly responsible for administration at BIA. 

  • Arlette Van Heule

    Administrative support

    She offers her assistance as administration support. 

  • Christine Lernout


    She manages BIA bookkeeping department and additional administration tasks. 

  • Roger De Smet

    Public Relations

    As co-founder of BIA he plays a key role in fund raising for BIA.

  • Luc De Clercq

    Luc offers administrative support to Born in Africa in Belgium.

  • Hilde De Baets

    Hilde represents Born in Africa in municipal boards and organizes a succesful flea market every year for Born in Africa.

  • Volunteers in Belgium


    Lieve De Backer,
    wife of our SA chairman Remi De Backer is also very active in Belgium and South Africa for the promotion of the Born in Africa program.



    BIA team in Meetjesland-
    This team have volunteered at BIA in Plettenberg Bay and are raising funds via various fundraising activities in Belgium. In January 2017, the team are planning to visit Born in Africa to hand over the funds raised.


    Lilianne Van Acker came to South Africa to volunteer for a couple of weeks in 2017 and 2018 at the Kranshoek Primary school. Since 2018 she is also managing and updating the database of godparents in Belgium.