Born in Africa stimulates social and educational development in children, striving to create economically self-sustainable adults

Born in Africa stimulates social and educational
development in children, striving to create economically
self-sustainable adults

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Born in Africa always encourages children to believe in their dreams and we strive to translate dreams into reality by turning them into goals, with a plan and a deadline to aid the process. Dreams can come true in Africa too!

The aim of the project is to inspire our learners. If they can start beliveing that their dreams are possible and worth reaching for, the hope is that they will be motivated to chase their dreams with greater fervor. Every month we will be choosing one dream from a "dream board" created by BIA learners. These boards are put on display in schools where learners will be able to see one another's dreams and see the dreams that have come true. 

We rely on sponsorship to make dreams come true and normally raise funds for each dream individually. The option to fund part of a specific dream will also be there for donors, or an entire dream altogether. For more information about upcoming dreams and donations, please contact us at

 Dream it! Believe it! Achieve it!

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    Here are the dreams that have come true so far in 2016!

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    Here are the dreams that have come true so far in 2015!
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    Here are the dreams that have come true so far in 2014!
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  • Dreams come true! 2013

    Have a look at the dreams that came true in 2013 when the Dream in Africa program started...

    April 2013 - "Eye operation for vision disorder"

    Dreamer: Imogene Krigga

    The Dream: Imogene was born with Amblyopia, a vision disorder where the eyes do not see in a synchronized way. By 9 years of age, the brain normally shuts off the impaired eye and the child affected then only has vision in one eye. It is unfortunately not something that the brain can “unlearn”. Her dream was to see in both eyes!

    The Process: Born in Africa visited optometrist Dr. Roger Brink of Mossel Bay who recommended we proceed with the operation. We then made an appointment with ophthalmic surgeon Dr Peter Harpur of Knysna. He was very keen to perform the operation and actually became our hero in the process. He negotiated special rates with the Knysna Private Hospital as well as Dr Sarah Bayman the anaesthetist.

    Funding: Born in Africa immediately set out on a fund raising campaign and thanks to Imogene’s Born in Africa godparents – the Vanhaerents family, Nicole Dupreez and the Sabrina Love Foundation as well as Rolf Sieper and his daughter Ines Steinberg of Germany, the money for the operation was raised in record time! Thank you to everyone involved!

    Dream Come True: The surgery was performed on Monday 22 April 2013. This is a day that Imogene Krigga, now 16 years of age, will never forget. The next morning when she opened her eyes and realised that the operation had been a success. After 16 years of having difficulty with reading, sports and school work as a result of her eye, she can now see! Imogene visited Dr Harpur for her post op check-up and he too established that there has been a substantial improvement.

    May 2013 - "To help animals at the SPCA"

    Dreamers: Ellen Kleinsmidt and Nicole Jacobs are two BIA children living in Kranshoek , about 15 km Plettenberg Bay. Ellen is currently 10 years old and Nicole is 11 years old and both are in Grade 4.

    The Dream (Ellen): Ellen is one of our BIA children who will go very far in life. Although her parents are overcome with poverty, this young lady is not going to let this stand in her way. She works very hard at her schoolwork, excels on the athletic track and she has a passion for animals. So much so that she wants to be a vet one day. She wants to work with sick animals, heal them and ensure they lead the quality of lives they deserve. Ellen currently feels very sensitive about the state of the animals, horses and cats in Kranshoek. Every day she sees animals suffering as they are neglected by their owners. It has been Ellen’s dream to do something about this tragic situation and the BIA/DHL “My dream in Africa” has come to the rescue. She has been selected as the month of May dream.

    The Dream (Nicole): Nicole and Ellen are best friends and Nicole is the more introverted of the two. She too lives in Kranshoek, as a matter of fact she lives only a couple of houses from Ellen. Nicole is a very sensitive young girl who has a passion to please others. She is most happy though when she can spend time with her dog at home. The only issue there is that she feels that her family and friends need to be educated more on the welfare of animals. Therefore her dream was to work with animals, learn all about them and then in turn teach others. The family are very poor as well and there is not always food to feed her dog, but she says that she always gives him some of her food. Wow, this little girl has a big heart!

    The Process: BIA contacted PAWS (Plett animal welfare society), who is the Plettenberg Bay Animal Welfare Society and they are involved in most of the animal rescues, community immunising projects, local spaying programs etc. They have a very successful rate of re-homing animals as well and their staff are very passionate about what they do.

    Dream come true: Nicole and Ellen are spending Fridays with the PAWS team at their headquarters situated just outside Plettenberg Bay. There they will be able to have some “hands-on” time assisting with the care of the animals. The knowledge they gain will most certainly be of advantage to both of them when making their career choices one day.


    May 2013 – "To have my own cupboard"

    Dreamer: Rickell Williams is a year old girl living in the Green Valley Township with an astonishing household of 11 people! Her mother is currently fostering 6 children from the street, besides her brothers and sisters. A person would expect a fair amount of jealousy as she has to share her mother with so many other siblings, but this remarkable young lady has embraced everyone in the household and has learned to share all she has with them.

    The Dream: Rickell shares her clothes with the others in the household and the only wardrobe in the house is an old, wooden, loose standing kitchen cabinet in the bathroom. Her dream is to have her own cupboard and some new clothes to put in it.

    The Process: BIA searched for a sponsor to buy her a proper wardrobe for her bedroom and to fill it with clothes.

    Dream Come True: Ton and Kora Coenen, Born in Africa god parents, decided to sponsor this dream. We would like to give our sincere thanks to them for Rickell’s new cupboard!



    June 2013 - "Soccer boots, shin guards and tracksuits"

    Dreamer: Masibonge Vusani. This young man is in grade 9 in Plett Secondary School. He lives in Kurland Village with his parents, brother, two sisters and three cousins. All together they are 9 people living in a wooden shack with two rooms and a kitchen. During the winter it becomes unbearably cold especially with the rainy season. Despite the harsh conditions Masibonge remains an upbeat student who loves soccer.

    The Dream: Masibonge’s dream was to receive a pair of soccer boots (size 7 Adidas- predators), shin guards and a tracksuit. Soccer is his passion and he truly loves playing it. He represents his school team and is a member of a local soccer Club in Crags. His dream was to have his own soccer boots as he feels it will lift his performance on the field as well as his confidence in general.

    The Process: BIA searched for sponsors to make Masibonge’s dream come true and to help him toward success in his life as a soccer player!

    Dream Come True: Ton and Kora Coenen, Born in Africa god parents, along with DHL Holland, decided to sponsor this dream. Ton and Kora bought Masibonge soccer shoes, shin pads and socks, whilst DHL Holland sponsored new tracksuits for the whole team. What a wonderful dream come true!


    June 2013 - "A brand new bunk bed"

    Dreamer: Little Keenon is 8 years old and he attends the Special Needs Class at Formosa Primary school. His mother left him and his two brothers and moved away with her boyfriend after which he moved in with his aunt in New Horizon. Currently, he is living with 8 people in a small two bedroom house.

    The Dream: Keenon’s biggest dream was to have a bed of his own. He was sharing a bed with his grandfather, brother and cousin. Just imagine sharing a double bed with 3 other family members! It must be very difficult to get a good night’s rest and still concentrate and perform well at school.

    The Process: BIA decided that a bunk bed would be the most practical solution as the room the family sleeps in is very small.

    Dream Come True: Ton and Kora Coenen decided to make Keenon’s dream come true. They bought him a brand new bunk bed and he was delighted to have the top bunk all to himself. BIA also supplied him with some linen and a blanket.


    July 2013 – “Experience the beauty of the ocean”

    Dreamers: Dehane Barnardo (15), Selena Panadza (8), Monique Louw (16) and Gabriel Malgas (11) are four children in the BIA program.

    The Dream: Although they live along the picturesque coastline of Plettenberg Bay, they had never had the opportunity to enjoy the ocean. It was their dream to experience the beauty of the sea and the abundant life it has to offer.

    The Process: Born in Africa contacted Offshore Adventures in Plettenberg Bay concerning the dream. They were glad to be able to help make this dream come true.

    Dream come true: What a dream come true! The learners went on an exhilarating boat ride followed by a swimming with seals in the beautiful Robberg Bay. They were fully equipped with wet suits and snorkling gear and the Offshore Adventures team helped to take pictures underwater with their action camera. For more information on the company, the different trips and adventures they have to offer, see their website:

    July 2013 - "To visit a bakery and learn to bake"

    Dreamers: Two Born in Africa students - Amor Adams from Crags and Kaysorane Campher from Kranshoek.

    The Dream: The girls were eager to spend a day at a bakery and learn to bake their own delights.

    The Process: Born in Africa contacted one of our most esteemed bakeries in town, Clare’s cakes, one which we have formed a relationship with.

    Dream Come True: They got to spend an entire day at the bakery, meet and spend time with the staff, learning the ins and outs of the baking. They were taught the art of icing, got to bake their own fairy cakes and the Pièce de résistance was of course that they got to take it all home with them to share with their families. Clare, thank you so much for inspiring these young girls! You welcomed them into your shop and made them feel at home.

    August 2013 - "Dream make-over"

    Dreamers: Our dreamers are a group of Born in Africa girls. Lancola Goeda, Charlize Damons, Renate Bailey, Tamryn Attwood, Relishia Krige and Ruwaida Kam

    The Dream: These girls all dreamt of having a make-over and visiting a salon one day like they imagine a lady would.

    The Process: Exclusive Hair Plettenberg Bay were happy to help make this dream come true by giving each of the girls a hair and nail make-over. 

    Dream Come True:  The ladies were treated to creative nail art by nail technician Runette and their hair was done by the Exclusive Hair team. Should you wish to get involved or if you would like to learn more about the “Dream in Africa” project, please visit Every day is another chance to make a dream come true. Together we can make a difference!

    August 2013 - "To have a drawing board because I drool on my work"

    Dreamer: Pedro Le Fleur. He is a student in Leigh Dunn’s ELSON class (Education for Special Needs).

    The Dream: Pedro wanted to have a drawing board to use at school. He normally drools on his work because the muscles on the left side of his face are paralyzed.

    The Process: A local couple in Plett, Johan and Colleen Van Rensburg, heard about Pedro’s dream and decided to make it come true.

    Dream Come True: The board was made according to what Pedro needs, especially for him. He is now able to work more effectively and was absolutely delighted with his dream come true.

    September 2013 - "Our dream is to fly"

    Dreamers: Carey-Ann, Sharlene, Zodwa, Amber-Jayde and Miekylia.

    The Dream: These BIA girls dreamt of seeing the world from up high, to travel in a plane or helicopter.

    The Process: We contacted local pilots and got a response from Anthony Harris who owns his own two-man plane.

    Dream Come True: Each one of the girls were taken for a flight which lasted several minutes, with beautiful views of the Robberg Peninsula.

    September 2013 - "Our dream is to learn to fish"

    Dreamers: Michael, Kyle, Delano, Darchen, Devon and Torique.

    The Dream: The boys dreamt the dream of many a young man, and that is of learning how to fish with a fishing rod in hand.

    The Process: Born in Africa contacted Enrico Fishing Charters and they were willing to help, sponsoring a large part of the dream. We were also contacted by Ton and Kora Coenen who generously donated fishing equipment and further helped to make this dream come true.

    Dream Come True: The boys were taken out on Enrico’s boat by Rudy who taught them a bit about what they need to know when going fishing, such as the ins and outs of using bait and tackle, how to cast properly and information on fishing regulations in the area.

    October 2013 – “Our dream is to do gymnastics”

    Dreamers: The group are all in Kranshoek Primary school - Sade Wiesie, Andrea Olivier, Celine Olivier, Monique Bailey, Ellen Kleinsmidt, Lucile May, Marcelle Patterson, Antonio Aaron, Marshel Williams, Jeandre Matthews, Nicole Ludic, Nicole Jacobs, Lenishia Cloete, Thoman Roman and Desire Williams.

    The Dream: A total of 14 BIA students dreamt of doing gymnastics, something which they never had the opportunity to do in their circumstances. One of our volunteers, Alexandra Rondas, started a gymnastics class using an old mattress and her knowledge of the art. The learners loved the class and dreamt of one day having their own leotards and being able to use real gymnastics equipment.

    The Process: Born in Africa contacted Knysna Gymnastics Club to see whether they would be able to help and they were very eager to do so. Meanwhile, Alexandra continued with lessons and also raised funds independently to help make the dream a reality.

    Dream Come True: Every child in the group was given their very own leotard. We then took them to the Knysna Gymnastics Club for an afternoon of activities. There, the group watched a demonstration by professional gymnasts which greatly inspired them. This was followed by rotating from platform to platform in smaller groups where they were taught how to do various gymnastics movements and use the gymnastics equipment! Their determination was evident by how hard they tried and concentrated, all of which was followed by huge smiles. Afterward, they also had a chance to mingle with the Knysna gymnasts with cupcakes in hand. What a dream come true!

    October 2013 – “Our dream is to see and touch snakes”

    Dreamers: Four Crags learners - Narswhin, Josleigh-Ann, Lona and Mizaan

    Dream: Their dream was to see, touch, learn about and get to know real snakes in person.

    The Process: We raised funds and contacted Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary, owners Michael and Emily, who kindly gave us a discount on entrance fees.

    Dream Come True: The dream came true with a visit to the snake park. Albert, their guide for the day, gave the children lots of cool and interesting facts about the snakes. His insight and knowledge of the animals, as well as his love for them, was very evident. They were nervous and a little scared at first, but very brave as they warmed up to these cold blooded animals with Albert’s help. We are sure that they will remember the valuable lessons they learnt and this “dream come true” experience for the rest of their lives!

    November 2013 – “To visit a restaurant”

    Dreamers: The group consists of Ayesha Majavie, Bridgette Titus, Caitlin Miggels, Chardonay Philander, Darielle Bailey, Estee Quinch, Fazela Kiewiets, Jake Johnson, Keashwin Samuels, Nicole Ludick and Simamkele Tyam.

    The Dream: This group of 11 Born in Africa dreamers wanted to visit a restaurant in Plettenberg Bay. Many of them had never eaten at a restaurant before!

    The Process: Shafick Philander’s godparents, Gilbert & Lieve van Caeneghem-Joosten, heard about the dream and immediately contacted us offering to make the dream come true.

    Dream Come True: We contacted Spur about and they gave us a lovely discount which included a burger, chips, cold drink and ice-cream for each child. They also had lots of fun with balloons, masks and in the play area at Spur.

    November 2013 – "We love music"

    Dreamers: Dannolene Cassel, Verushka Damons, Lorenzo Baartman, Enrique Sam and Luciano Aweries.

    The Dream: All of these BIA learners had a “music” related dream so we decided to combine them for our second November dream come true. Dannolene and Veruschka dreamt of learning to sing, Lorenzo wanted to have a recorder, Enrique’s dream was to have a guitar and Luciano a keyboard.

    The Process: An enthusiastic couple, Alec and June Bradley, who had heard about the project us from BIA board members, contacted us wanting to sponsor the entire dream! We also got in touch with local Plett Music Academy who gave us a discount on vocal lessons.

    Dream Come True: Dannolene and Verushka have started with vocal lessons, Lorenzo was given his recorder and Enrique and Luciano also received their instruments with great pride. What a dream come true!