Harkerville Primary

BIAHarkerville prim1

  • Distance to Plettenberg Bay: 12km
  • Number of students: 140
  • Grades: R – 7
  • Typical characteristics: Small school with multi-grade classrooms
  • Number of teachers: 6
  • Number of BIA-kids: 23
  • BIA-staff in the school: 1 mentor

Important BIA contributions: 1 wooden classroom (“Wendy house”) Volunteers have painted a five-meter mural depicting Eco-friendly themes, helped to start up a vegetable garden. In 2018 Born in Africa built 2 additional class rooms for the school and 1 classroom for BIA mentor Sarija here together with Rotary.

Harkerville Primary has six teachers educating an average of one hundred and forty students, therefore forcing the children to be divided into multi-grade classes. Transport costs are high, and a lot of the children’s families are unable to afford the costs, so many children are forced to walk in excess of five kilometres a day just to go to school. We currently have one mentor from Born In Africa working in Harkerville.