Kranshoek Primary

BIAKranshoek 22

  • Distance to Plettenberg Bay: 15km
  • Number of students: 680
  • Grades: R – 7
  • Typical characteristics: Many BIA-children. Many Griqua (The Griqua are a subgroup of South Africa's heterogeneous and multiracial Colored people).-children. Classes with more than 30 children per class
  • Number of teachers: 18
  • Number of BIA-kids: 84
  • BIA-staff in the school: 1 mentor

Important BIA contributions: At the old Kranshoek Primary school we added infrastructure in the shape of our 2 Wooden “Wendy house” classrooms. When the school needed assistance with the construction of a computer lab, so we helped them to add this much-needed structure. BIA, together with volunteers, scholars and their parents completed a stunning mural of the school emblem, the community, and its people against a 30 m wall facing the playground, homework classes for the grade 4 and 5 children.

Many classes accommodate 50 students with only one teacher. As such, overcrowding (along with limited teaching resources) leads to a great loss of educational potential for the children. BIA has appointed a mentor, as well as additional volunteers, to assist the teachers in order to relieve them of some of their workload. Volunteers take children for one-on-one sessions to improve their mathematics and English skills.