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Meet Our Volunteers

The success Born In Africa has enjoyed so far is only possible thanks to our wonderful volunteers and the work that they are doing. As a volunteer in South Africa, you will be given the opportunity to help our children in the schools and offer administrative assistance in our office. Thanks to you, the BIA children will be given a better education, which will lead to better future opportunities.

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I give permission to Born in Africa to use my personal details within the guidelines of the BIA Privacy Policy

If you’re interested in contributing to our organisation or would like more information, please fill in the application form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Born in Africa would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to all our volunteers for their commitment (and time) in aiding the BIA team in South-Africa. Their support is an integral component of our organization!


Our volunteers of 2018

2018: Demi Mullie, Laurien Namotte, Justine Peten, Melissa Hauser, Pia Gackstatter, Lilianne Van Acker, Wouter Quintens, Julie Stroobants, Anna Volmer, Janne Gebruers, Raïssa Van Peer, Freya Weverbergh, Robbin Huijers and Marie König

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Robbin Huijers
Belgian volunteer, October 2018 until February 2019

Hi, my name is Robbin Huijers and I’m 24 years old. I finished my studies in Educational Sciences and Human Resource Management and after years of studying I felt the need to discover the world and do something. I’m working at Harkerville Primary School, a small but cosy school. I’m doing extra reading and maths with the children in our vibrant classroom, newly painted during the last school holidays. In the afternoon, I do homework classes with the Born in Africa children in the educational centre in Kranshoek. I’m really enjoying my time in the schools, and I’m so proud that I’m part of the Born in Africa family now.

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Janne Gebruers
Intern from Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen, August until December 2018

I’m Janne Gebruers and am 20 years old. Thanks to my college where I study Social Educational Care, I was given the opportunity to do an internship abroad for five months. Immediately I was convinced by the concept, vision and work of Born in Africa. In the mornings I work at Kranshoek Primary School. In the afternoons I organise my own project about talents; how to discover and use them in your life. I also bring in educational themes: recycling, teamwork, communication and future professions. I’m enjoying and learning so much at the same time.

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Marie König
Intern from University Twente, October 2018 until February 2019

Hi everyone, I’m Marie König and I’ll be with Born in Africa for four months. I am pursuing a bachelor in Psychology at the University of Twente. I am doing an internship with Born in Africa and simultaneously writing my research about South Africa’s educational system. It’s tough to balance Born in Africa, university and my social life but I am passionate about all three which makes it worth it. It’s amazing to see what Born in Africa has already done for children in the area. Working here inspires me to do something meaningful of my own in the future. It’s admirable to see the hard work and dedication the Born in Africa team and I’m excited to help this positive initiative grow.

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Raïssa Van Peer
Intern UGent, September until November 2018

Hello, my name is Raïssa Van Peer and I’m 23 years old. I’m doing my final master year in Educational Sciences at the University of Ghent. I’m so grateful that I can do my internship at Born in Africa for three months. Like everyone says, it’s a once in a lifetime   opportunity and I can confirm that it really is! I got to experience a new culture and work with children which I really love doing. I worked at The Crags Primary Schools giving extra classes in Math and English. Besides that, I also give   bicycle and life skills lessons. After school, I taught the children about resilience. The goal; to teach them how to stand up for themselves and to become strong, independent individuals!

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Freya Weverbergh
Intern UGent, September until November 2018

I’m Freya Weverbergh, 23 years old studying Educational Sciences at the University of Ghent. I always dreamt of going abroad but was never brave enough to do so until now. I’m proud to have been part of the Born in Africa family for three months. I worked at the Crags and Wittedrift Primary School. As an extra support for teachers, I got a lot of     satisfaction from my work; in one school by improving the level of  education by guiding children individually and in the other school by     supporting the teachers to provide structure. After school, Raissa and I organised life skill sessions for children in the theme of resilience. Each session based on a subject that makes children more resilient such as emotions, self-defense, trust and teamwork. What a wonderful time!

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Anna Vollmer
German volunteer July- November 2018

My name is Anna Vollmer. I am 19 years old and from Germany. I always knew that after I finished school I didn’t want to study immediately. I first wanted to go abroad and gain some experience .That’s how I landed up here at Born in Africa. I am really grateful for the opportunity and enjoy my work here. Two days a week I work in Kranshoek and two days in Wittedrift. In the mornings I give extra lessons to the children and in the afternoon I assist in the Born in Africa sessions. So happy I can work for three months for this wonderful organisation!

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Julie Stroobants
Volunteer from Belgium, June until August 2018

My name is Julie, I am 25 years old and since two year I work as a project consultant for Trifinance. So far for the boring part!
“Life is more than only making money”, my boyfriend and I try to live by this quote! Since a while we wanted to give back to the world. To share our love and energy with those who needs it and to make a difference in someones life. Despite the fact that I don’t have a background in the social care, I felt and feel in every bone that I want to mean something for kids and that I want to stimulate themselves to be the best version of themselves.
Born in Africa is the ideal organization for this and because of all the stories and information I already received from this organization my boyfriend and I decided to say our daily life goodbye and start doing something for the kids in this program. So far this adventure has only been positive. The appreciation, respect and love you get from those kids for only the smallest things you do for them, is giving me so much energy. At this moment I am giving a First Aid course to the kids at Wittedrift Stofpad and the Crags Primary school. I teach them how they should handle little accidents and at the end of my project I will give them a certificate that states that they finished the course.

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Wouter Quintens
Volunteer from Belgium, June till August 2018

Hello, my name is Wouter Quintens and I am 26 years old. After two years working as a youth worker I decided together with my girlfriend to stop our life in Belgium and to start an adventure! An adventure called volunteering for Born in Africa. During our stay in South-Africa I already made sure that the kids from the different townships had a nice and varied program during their school holiday. I especially work with the kids from the lower grades, making sure they can keep up with school. But often we try to motivate the stronger kids to do their best in class. After the school hours I work with the kids from the Born in Africa-program. During the playful yet educational sessions I teach the oldest kids First Aid. The younger kids learn to work with their hands to see if they have talents that still needs to be discovered. in a word, a blessed adventure! Instructive for the kids, but at least as instructive for me as youth worker and human.


Pia Gackstatter
Volunteer from Germany, March till June 2018

I’m Pia Gackstatter, 19 years old from Germany. After my A-levels I decided to take a gap year to gain diverse experiences; one of them includes being a volunteer at Born in Africa. Not only does Born in Africa give the children great opportunities and perspectives, but it provides a chance for us volunteers as well:  experiencing new cultures, understanding different backgrounds and appreciating the joy of the children. I’m looking forward to upcoming experiences and I am happy to be part of such a valuable project.


Melissa Hauser
Volunteer from USA, February till July 2018

I am from San Francisco, California. I came to South Africa to travel and soon after my visit to a children’s shelter in Plettenberg Bay I decided to stay and volunteer. I soon discovered Born in Africa, where I tutor children in grades 4 & 5 that struggle with English at Kranshoek Primary. After my sessions at the primary school I teach life skills at the Educational Centre to grades 2-7. I also teach English at Plettenberg Bay Secondary to grades 11 & 12. While I am not teaching English and life skills I educate children in various townships on protective behaviours against child abuse.  I love working with children and look forward to furthering a career in doing so.


Justine Peten
Intern from KDG, January till May 2018

My name is Justine Peten and I’m 21. I’m in my final year of studying ‘Early childhood education and care’. I chose this internship to step out of my comfort zone. I have never taken on an adventure like this! In the mornings I help at Kranshoek Primary school where I work with children in Gr1-3 improving their Mathematics, English and Life skills. In the afternoons I work with the Born in Africa kids at the Educational Centre with children from Gr2-7. Thanks to this unique experience, my view on the world has changed.


Laurien Namotte
Intern from PXL Hasselt, February until June 2018

I’m Laurien Namotte, 22 from Belgium. I study social work at PXL Hasselt. In the mornings, I give extra classes and in the afternoons,  I organize projects that revolve around food, agriculture and personal growth. The most important thing for me is that the children want to come, learn something new and most of all have fun! I learn something new every day and I enjoy working with the children.


Demi Mullie
Intern from Howest January till May 2018

I study social cultural work in Howest in Kortrijk, with specification on social artistic work.  Four days a week I am active in The Crags, where I give extra classes and homework classes to the children. The homework classes I organise are mostly to practise the children’s’ maths and Afrikaans reading. Besides that, I also give life skills classes which is to improve their motoric and cognitive skills. This is very extensive, from catching techniques to bicycle lessons and art lessons. I also run my own projects in the afternoons, which are mostly artistic activities because of my studies and personal interests.

Testimonies volunteers

Have a look at how previous volunteers experienced their stay and work at Born in Africa.

Our volunteers of the past years

2017 Sepke Stellamans, Julia Benner, Britt Goris, Lindsey Brans, Veronique Claes, Sofie Synnesael, Michele Kouws, Roxanne Caumette, Hilke Declercq, Lisa De Vos

2016 Sophie Albrecht, Jan Lorent, Marlies Augustijns, Jolien Meyssen, Jill Vanhamel, Nele Leen, Sofie Vanden Broeck, Eline Raedschelders, Job Heijnen, Taoufik Grich, Emma Reynaert, Emma Irvine

2015 Juliet Desmet, Wiebke Dorfs, Rien Claes, Frania Czekaj, Sander van den Broeck, Kilian Peire, Babette Lievens, Emeline Halleux, Laura van Ingelgom, Emma Ervine.

2014 Lore Kriekemans, Loesje Dhelft, Jolien Nijs, Virginie Boucquey, Tine Claes, Kim Carnoy, Sarah Rogiers, Veronique Claes.

2013 Rob Frans, Veronique Claes, Bart Timmermans, Karen Schaefer, Tessy Willems, Dorien van den Broeck, Dirk Verlinden, Joenah Malot, Talitha Delaere, Sara de Vleeschouwer, Lorri Sanfilippo, Charlene van Loock, Alexandra Rondas, Caroline van Mello.

2012 Caro Van der Schueren, Jasper Lauwyck, Rob Johnston, Els Casteleyn, Lotte Van Buyten, Ann Gruwier, Miet Verstraete, Gilles De Baere, Elke De Hertogh, Siyasanga Tenge, Rob Frans, Véronique Claes, Sandy Graiy, Bart Timmermans, Karen Schaefer

2011 Nele Schroyen, Sarah De Keukeleere, Anne Mertens, Katrien Vandamme, Lotte Van Buyten, Lena Schuler, Marianne Dhyon, Anne Cobussen

2010 Charlotte Houthoofd, Jozefien Heyte, Wendy Neyrinck, Lot Fonteyne, Griet Jans, Fien De Greef, Kathleen Buffels, Karl Leenknegt, Christina Jaschinski, Hayley Bicknell, Anne Overlaet, Valerie Vancoppenolle, Charlotte Van Hoorebeke, Ben Daems, Sharon Willems

2009 Serena Tufo, Hannah Baets, Anneleen De Smet, Dietlinde Oppalfens, Eric Reyntjens, Sarah Biesemans, Hanne Bossuyt, Tamara Goethals, Julia Michel, Saskia Kuliga, Anika Kirchner, Kristien Seghers, Lotte Van Buyten, Charlotte Mbuyi, Jo Schellen, Leentje Eeckhout, Jorgi van Hoof, Elke De Hertogh, Gerlinde De Boodt, Joke Gils, Lieve Poppe

2008 Krista Vleeschouwers, Mireille Vanhoutryve, Elena Hage, Inge Mommaerts, Kathleen Hufkens, Patrick van Herp, Veerle De Roeck, Fiona Klomp, Katrien Verhoogen, Laura Vereecken, Dianne Dijkstra, Iris Vande Velde

2007 Pieter-Alexander Van Aken, Jan Boone, Joke Goedweeck, Sarah Vleugels, Liesbeth Van de Velde, Evi Uylenbroeck, Els Van der Haegen, Pieter Thys, Marc Schooneman, Nienke Van Geesbergen, Erik Elderman, Jana Govaerts

2006 Anke Decabooter, Elke IJzerman, Greet Van Dooren, Marjan Klingels, Seppe Declerq, Sylvie Morel, Yo Breynaert, Lut Vergauwen, Irène Franck, Sahin Toch, Céline Van de Weghe, Jeroen Vercruysse, Katleen Noels, Sascha Reunes, Bianca Hagen, Katrien Mostmans, Nathalie Jochems

2005 Hans Antonise, Inge Van Ammel, Pieter Story, Joke Smissaert, Pauline Nsanze, Elke IJzerman, Katrien Keppens, Katrien Piesens, Nina Hollanders, Doenja Goudsmedt, Inez de gryze, Joke Donderwolcke, Leen Boeykens

2004 Anneke Gerbrands, Karin Haeverans, Trientsje Van de Meer, Willemien Hoogerwaard, Yvette Westhoff, Barbara Vandenbroucke, Bart Van cauwenbergh, Dagmar Zwebe, Marije van den Hove

2003 Tiene Moenaert, Stijn Ingelaere, Sofie Wieërs, Lieve Platteau, Peter Peusens, Guy Capals, Joke Sweygers, Tim Steenwegen, Catherine Antoine, Patricia van der Beek, Steven Sergeant