Meet Our Team In The Netherlands

The board in the Netherlands is lead by Chantal van Summeren as the chairman.

Chantal Van Summeren

Chantal van Summeren

She travelled to South-Africa as a volunteer in 2003, where she met Isabelle de Smul. As our Dutch chairman, she organises fundraising for BIA, supports school and company initiatives for BIA in the Netherlands and is the contact between her country and the BIA teams in South-Africa and Belgium.

Dreamnight at Maaswaal college

Chantal and her team of teachers at the Maaswaal college in the Netherlands organise a yearly event called the 'Dreamnight'.

Throughout the night workshops are organized for the students and art is being made in many shapes and forms. Performances on stage are admired by many and other pieces of art are being produced constantly. Using recycled materials, paint, clay and other materials little master pieces are made and then sold.

Money raised during the 'Dreamnight' in 2016 was used to purchase a lot of different things we still needed at our Education Centre in Kranshoek. The children are so grateful for your support and are very happy with the drama classes, first aid kit, computer classes, ...

Thank you for your ongoing support!