1 February 2014 - Siya Phambili's Official Opening

The official handover took place this Saturday, the 1st of February, with a lovely reception being held at Siya Phambili. All the donors were present, namely Rita de Smul, Tom Vermeir, Bart Laureyns, Griet de Graeve and Christine de Meulemeester, and thanked by the ladies of Siya Phambili for their donations and other efforts. Tante Rita, as she is affectionately known, raised money for three years with a passion for helping underprivileged women in the area. The builders who added the extension to the shop area also attended to celebrate the event. Each of the 10 Siya Phambili ladies told their personal stories, from where they were before the shop started 7 years ago in a tent, to how far they have come now and the positive impact running their own business has had on their lives. They are also sowing back in to the community, a great success story!