10 September 2012 - Kranshoek is a hive of activity

Afternoons at Kranshoek Primary school are almost as busy as during school hours, and why is that? The BIA team are busy with their afternoon program, that’s why! We work with more than 70 students on a daily basis!

Marita and Charles commence the afternoon program at their homework centres, (HWC) where 37 Gr 4 & 5 learners complete their daily homework. After this they move on to the “learning in fun”section, where they focus on language and maths, but with a twist! It is their motivation that learning should be a fun experience! The learners receive a wholesome snack, and extra attention is also focussed on research for projects. Wesley Andrew, our Education Coordinator visits the HWC on a regular basis where he presents our new public speaking program. He motivates learners to talk in front of their peers by offering them guidance and support. They work on relevant topics; prepare their speeches, and present-this all under strict timing. These classes are doing wonders for the learner's self confidence.

In the classroom next door, 25 Gr 6 & 7 boys and girls express their creativity in the BIA art and craft classes. The learners have fashioned a wide variety of crafts using recycled materials such as; flower vases made using recycled cool drink bottles, mosaic artworks, stunning beaded bracelets, doll houses using recycled materials, and much more!

We also play an integral part in nurturing the soul and this happens during the afternoon mentors Sarija and Magdalena, work with small groups of learners focussing on important life skills.

Soon BIA is pioneering a vegetable garden project with 20 Gr 7 & 8 Kranshoek Primary pupils. Each learner will design a veggie garden and grow their own vegetables. The BIA team will visit the gardens regularly to measure progress and award the learners accordingly. This will be from part of BIA contribution towards the Eco-schools program, which we have recently joined.

The atmosphere at Kranshoek Primary is truly one of growth, progress, and education and its success speaks through the many learners taking part every day.