13 July 2014 - Belinda Corum receives Community Service Award

Born in Africa’s mentor and academic coordinator, Belinda Coram, received a Community Service Award from Rotary, Plettenberg Bay. The unmistakable value and impact of Belinda’s work was acknowledged, recognizing her passionate commitment to upliftment and social development in the community.

Belinda Coram joined BIA 8 years ago as a young woman in whom we saw great potential and a particularly creative flair. Her first position was as educational coordinator, where she organised outings, camps and other educational activities. After having experienced this, it was clear where her enthusiasm lay and we subsequently appointed her as mentor and academic coordinator. This means that she heads up the social development program, the heart of the organisation, and also works as a mentor herself with a group of learners. In addition she is responsible for the study bursary program where we currently have 20 students studying at tertiary level. She handles their applications to tertiary institutions, their study bursaries and she monitors their results and progress.

Congratulations on your award and thank you for everything you do at Born in Africa!