14 November 2014 - New BIA classroom in Green Valley

“Opportunity” was the word of the day when Born in Africa unveiled another classroom and this time at the foot of the picturesque hills of Green Valley. Isabelle Brink saw the opportunity to add infrastructure for two projects and this space would benefit future generations of kids in Born in Africa. The space is multifunctional and divided into two smaller work areas. One will be used to house the BIA/Rotary bicycle repair shop and the other our weekly mentor sessions. BIA mentor in Green Valley, Sarija Bewee, is very excited to start teaching a multitude of life skills to her learners. She meets with them twice a week after school and the homework club will also run from the classroom. BIA choir established by Karien Malan will use the classroom as their practice chamber which means beautiful music will fill the valley! BIA would like to pay homage to the sponsors -Chantal Van Summeren, De Montessori School de Triangle, Veronique Claes, Dave Swart from Amakaya backpackers, Rotary Plettenberg Bay and Kevin from Penny Pinchers for giving us such good service and always being there when we needed you. A huge thanks also goes out to our outstanding builders Paul Attwood (0765794380) and Shaun Ray with BIA’s Belinda Coram who played building contractor and then of course to Headman and Emily Sam who so kindly allowed us to place the classroom in their garden. Headman is also our “go to guy” for bicycle repairs and he heads up the bicycle club in Green Valley. Yes, this was all possible because once again Isabelle saw an opportunity for educational development and to uplift the learners in Green Valley. Together we can make a difference!

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