15 January 2014 - Bicycles for Born in Africa

We are excited to announce that the bicycle project is off the starting blocks. The container arrived and the bicycles were offloaded and checked. They will be distributed mainly to BIA children in the Wittedrift area who have to walk to school. This initiative is being supported by our Mayor, Memory Booysen, and the Bitou Municipality. The idea is to build a pathway which cyclists will be able to use when commuting from the residential area to school and back.

A local enthusiast who has experience in bicycle repairs, Stuart John Smith, will be in charge of establishing a bicycle repair shop in the Wittedrift area with Rotary Plettenberg Bay and BIA’s support. We will also run a cycling safety and awareness program for all the children receiving bicycles which they will have to complete successfully in order to qualify to receive a bicycle.

BIA would like to thank Reinard Schydlo and Klaus Schuler for their involvement in making this project come to life. A special thank you to Stephan Strauss (RC Duesseldorf-Schl.) who ensured the key sponsor, DB Schenker, that donated the transport from Germany to Wittedrift as well as the container, which will become the repair shop. And finally, the initiators of the project, BEN bikes, in cooperation with Rotary Stuttgart International, RC Dusseldorf-Schlossturm and Rotary Plettenberg Bay, for their organisational assistance and sourcing the bicycles.

The success of this project will mean that many children have much greater mobility, can travel to school more safely and will be able to enjoy the experience of cycling too.