25th & 26th March 2013 - Monkeyland & Birds of Eden

To reward faithfulness and commitment in this past semester, Born in Africa took 34 learners from the Crags and Kranshoek for an outing to Monkeyland and Birds of Eden on the 25th of June and another 32 learners from Wittedrift on the 26th of June. Perfect weather coupled with learners’ enthusiasm and excitement made for a fantastic outing.

It was a lovely opportunity to see the 10 different species of monkeys, ask questions about them and get to know their individual personalities. Some of their favourite monkeys were the gibbons, or “mens ape”, and of course the lemurs which reminded some of king Julian and his clan in the movie Madagascar. The learners also enjoyed exploring Birds of Eden, surrounded by beautiful nature and an amazing variety of different species of birds, over 350 in all. In particular, they seemed to enjoy the parrots with their bright colours and all the different sounds they make. It was wonderful to see their faces light up. Crossing the two suspension bridges, one being more than 120 metres long, caused a bit of nervous laughter!

Thank you to our tour guides and once again to Monkeyland and Birds of Eden for their continued support, for making a difference in the lives of so many Born in Africa children! They loved this experience and many of them will remember it as the highlight of their holiday.