26 January 2017- opening Kranshoek education centre

Thursday 26th January 2017, another milestone for all the BIA children living in Kranshoek and for Born in Africa! Last week we officially opened our education centre in Kranshoek and we are so proud of the result. After more than 1 year of planning, the Born in Africa Kranshoek Education centre was realised, thanks to dynamic coordinator Isabelle De Smul Brink and her super motivated team. During the two weeks before the opening we got a lot of help from the Meetjesland team from Belgium. These amazing 10 people painted all the classrooms, kitchen and toilets in the centre which really made the rooms come to life!

It was incredible to see how much support we got during the whole process of building and finishing this project. We are so happy and proud to have our own centre where all 160 primary and secondary BIA learners hailing from Kranshoek can come to. Our two dedicated mentors Sarija Bewee and Marita Manual offer social development support daily while our volunteers run homework classes, life skills lessons, sewing classes, vegetable garden sessions, to name a few. Natalie Cupido offers computer/ math lessons while Delina Kleinsmidt supports the centre by taking care of all logistical aspects in terms of taking care of the centre.

The planning of the centre, the fundraising efforts in making this a reality was phenomenal with so many helping hands hard at work. Born in Africa would like to make use of this opportunity to thank the many sponsors from overseas, friends and helping hands who worked effortlessly in ensuring the children of Kranshoek have an Education centre to call their own.

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