28 January 2013 - Learn to Swim!

This year it was Kranshoek Primary’s turn to attend the “Learn to Swim” program hosted by Born in Africa. A total of 35 learners from Gr 3-5 are currently taking part in the program. We tested the learners beforehand to place them in groups and then started with 10 swimming lessons under the ever-watchful eye of BIA education coordinator Wesley Andrew. They learned about water awareness and safety as well as how to float, the basic swimming strokes and even how to cope with their whole body submerged under water!

Finally we would like to reward the “dolphins” by then! - by treating them to an outing to Central beach. There they will visit the NSRI, spend time with the lifeguards and get to swim in the ocean! Water safety will also be a topic which they will explore that day.

BIA would like to thank Adventure Land for once again allowing us to use the pool for the lessons and huge thanks goes to the BIA staff and volunteers for assisting during the course. A special thanks to Lief and Ivo De Bisschop from Belgium who are our major swimming sponsors.