29 March 2013 - "Tessy's Room"

A dream was realised at the Come to Learn Day Care Centre in the Crags on Friday the 29th of March 2013. Miss Ndileka Patricia Mbumba opened the door to the centre on the 3rd of May, 2011. Difficulty was experienced, however, with a lack in the availability of basic needs and space. The heart behind the project was to protect vulnerable children who are otherwise often left in abusive or neglectful situations at home, to give them the opportunity to be in a healthy, interactive environment where their minds and bodies are enriched and stimulated.

One of the Born in Africa volunteers, Tessy Willems, saw the dream and decided to do her bit to make it a reality. She organised a High Tea in Holland where € 1700 was raised and used to improve the day care centre. Many members and friends of Born in Africa joined in to help. The floor was replaced, windows put in, a door made especially for the room and a new roof put on.

Thank you to Joan and Jacqueline Proost for their donation of various materials and blankets. Also, to Chantal Van Summeren and Eric Beuker for their donation of fluffy toys. Also, to John Delaere for his help. What a fantastic team. In one week time the extra classroom was finished and ready to be used.