30 August 2013 - Ingwe "Boot Camp" (gr9-12 girls)

A group of 39 grade 9-12 girls went on a life skills camp last weekend at Ingwe Forest Adventures.

They had a wonderful time, made beautiful team banners and played a popular game as an ice-breaker, “my sweetheart says”. Friday night ended with motivational films and a lovely bonfire. The Saturday started with team building exercises, where new friends were made, as well as a lovely day hike once the weather allowed for it. After lunch, the girls took part in a “Safe Sex” workshop followed by a “First-Aid” demonstration by Wesley. The grand finale was the BIA Fashion Show held that evening. Teams had to use limited resources and recycled materials to design outfits for their chosen models fit for the runway.

Thank you to Ingwe for the use of their facilities, to Wesley for organising the camp, to Marita for her help and cooking delicious meals, to our volunteers (Charley, Lory and Alec) for all the time and effort they put in and to Robberg Fine Foods for their food donation. What a weekend, enjoyed by all!