6 November 2012 - Parentmeetings, a huge success

2012 is coming to a close and traditionally we host parent meeting in Kranshoek, Crags and Harkerville and this year was no different, but with a slight twist! BIA turns 10 next year and we will be putting on a huge event to celebrate this occasion. Our children will also be performing and the parent meetings were the perfect opportunity to showcase their talents. More than 500 individuals attended the three meetings where the BIA team gave feedback on the years activities with the children. Isabelle Brink explained what the BIA parents and children can expect in 2013 and Wesley Andrew commented on the camps, outings, homework sessions, swimming lessons, art & crafts & self esteem classes which is part of what he is responsible for. Belinda Coram introduced the current Tertiary students as well as the 1st years for 2013. She went on to stress the importance of career guidance from an early age in order to prepare learners for their future and that they decisions should be made by the learner and parents/caregivers after conclusive research.

The performances by the learners were very brilliant and created a magical atmosphere during the evening’s events. The BIA mentors Sarija Bewee, Marita Manual, Juf Jacobs and Catherine Schoeman gave feedback about their group sessions and of course our volunteers were applauded for their hard work.

Well done to all who made the meetings a huge success and a special thanks to the BIA parents and children for attending.