8-9 February 2013 - Robinson Crusoe Camp

Robinson Crusoe just got shipwrecked at Southern Comfort ranch with a total of 40 Born in Africa children! The group of learners between Grades 2-5 were entertained by him during their annual camp hosted by BIA. The learners hail from Wittedrift, Kranshoek, Crags and New Horizon. The group commenced the program by attending a play featuring Roberson Crusoe and his survival guide. After the groups sang to their heart’s content while presenting their war cries, they took part in a series of adventure games. One of the highlights was when they went on a night hike, learned how to make a fire and how to extinguish it safely. This might come in handy when one becomes shipwrecked – you never know! They enjoyed ample time swimming, ate hearty meals, shared their adventure tales around the camp fire and, off course, laughter was abundant!

We would like to thank Magriet and her group from Southern Comfort, the BIA staff and volunteers for their hard work and also give thanks to the children who made the camp such a great adventure!