Anastacia 3Anastacia Olivier

Tertiary institution: Varsity College

Field of study: Bachelor of education, Intermediate Phase (gr4 -7)

Hi, my name is Anastacia Olivier, I grew up in a small town named Kranshoek where I joined the Born in Africa program in grade 2. I grew up living with my mother, father and brother. I lost my father at the age of 8 in grade 2 in a car accident. After the passing of my father, my mother met someone, and they gave me and my brother a sister. I went to Kranshoek Primary and Wittedrift High School. I’m currently studying Bachelor of education in intermediate phase for grade 4 -7 at Varsity College in Port Elizabeth, which I started in 2022. I want to make my mother proud and give her the life she couldn’t have; I want a job where I feel safe and secure and be the teacher any child can come to for help or even advice.