MWIY6827Annilin Mouton

Tertiary Institution: Emmanuel Nursing College, Oudtshoorn

Field of study: Higher certificate in Nursing

Annilin Mouton grew up in Kranshoek where she attended Kranshoek Primary school.  When she was in primary school, she joined the Born in Africa program already and we remember her very fondly as the girl with the two long ponytails! Academically Annilin was very strong and this enabled her to qualify for the Born in Africa Wittedrift Study bursary.  This, despite having lost her mother at a very tender age.  High school for Annilin was sensitive at times as she continued to struggle with the loss of her mother.  Digging deep and finding the courage, was hard work, yet brought victory when Annilin graduated from high school in 2023.  In 2024, she commenced her nursing studies at the Emmanuel Nursing College in Oudtshoorn.  This is a journey which has just begun as a dream for Annilin, one which she has never given up on, in the same manner we have always seen the courage from within her.