Abygail Links

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Abygail Links joined the Born in Africa programme in 2005!. She was 15 at the time and looking back at all she has achieved since joining the programme she really is a unique success story. Her grandmother raised her and she was one of 13 people living in a modest four bedroom wooden house situated in rural Harkerville, outside Plettenberg Bay. Conditions for Aby while growing up were extreme. Unfortunately there was an extensive amount of alcohol abuse in her neighbourhood but thanks to her Born in Africa mentor she was able to overcome and deal with it. Born in Africa gave her a clear understanding that she was not to blame but that the system was floored.

She endured the long treks to school on foot no matter the weather and this showed her sheer determination which later on in life stood her in good stead.

Completing Gr 12 was such an achievement for her and this showed during her farewell where she was the belle of the ball just by the smile on her face.

Abygail has always loved cooking and entertaining and after school we enrolled her at South Cape College where she commenced a three year Hospitality diploma.

As life would have it complete with complications around each corner, Abygail fell pregnant during her 1st year of studies. This however did not deter her from attending classes which she did right until she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Only three days after giving birth she was back in class and passed her first and second year with flying colours!

Once again an obstacle was placed in her path and due to the lack of students the college decided not to proceed with the final year. Abygail could not transfer to another college either as she had no one to look after her baby. Subsequently Abygail has found employment in Plettenberg Bay so that she can be close to her son. She still lives in the wooden house with her grandmother, Aunt Griet, and now is contributing to the household.

We are so proud of her!