Ashby Prins

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Ashby Prins joined the Born in Africa programme in 2004.  She was one of the first students who entered our tertiary study bursary programme.  Ashby grew up in Kurland Village, The Crags and always aspired to be a fashion designer as she loved paging through the international glamour magazines.  With continuous mentorship and academic support, Born in Africa assisted Ashby to complete a two year “bridging “course at Tsiba Eden where she acquired extensive knowledge of Business Administration.  There, she also became involved with a “pay it forward” project called the Two Passes initiative and her interaction there, teaching young children reading and writing skills, sparked her interest in pursuing a career with children.  Since then Ashby has moved back home and is currently working to support herself and completing a correspondence Gr R teaching course which she is excelling at.  She also runs her own nail art business which is booming and of course this was sparked by her creative side.   Well done to this remarkable young woman who saw an opportunity and made it work for her.