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Thanks to the Born in Africa programme Berna-lee Evertse’s life has taken the right direction. In her own words. this is how it happened.

“In December 2006 I was doing a Life Skills course at my local community centre in Kranshoek. "Taking chances" was one of the many aspects that we have learned throughout the course. A lady called Marita Harker who worked for Born in Africa was also part of the Life Skills course. A friend and I took a chance and approached her; we asked her about what Born in Africa is about, what work they were doing and eventually we asked how we could become part of the programme. She patiently explained the programme to us and to make a long story short, my friend and I both officially became part of the Born in Africa programme in January 2007.

During the mentorship programme I discovered a lot of things about myself, the environment I live in and the people around me. On a regular basis we went on educational camps and I met my godmother (sponsor) who supported me financially throughout my high school and tertiary education. It was a privilege being an ambassador for Born in Africa. The people I met and lifelong friends I have made will never be forgotten."

Wow! That is amazing and to end off, this is her advice to new and current Born in Africa students: - 

• Enjoy your journey

• Try to learn as much as you can

• Teach someone else about what you have learned

• Always do your best

• Make use of every opportunity no matter how many times you fail – in the end it’s the experience that counts

To Born in Africa, Berna-lee wrote the following which is heartwarming not only to the Born in Africa staff, but also to all our supporters, "A very big thank you from the bottom of my heart, keep up the good work that you do in underprivileged communities. A lot of people are and forever will be grateful to you for reaching out a helping hand and uplifting spirits along the way.

Isabella and your wonderful team:


Berna-lee Ewerts