Cameron Stuurman

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2012: EDP year
2013- 2015: Bachelor of Human Life Science
2016: Honours Human Anatomy
2017- 2019 Master’s degree in Forensic Anthropology

Cameron Stuurman is a young man with a serious calling to become a doctor.  He started by embarking on an EDP year in 2012 at Stellenbosch University, after not being accepted for the Bachelor of Human Science.  After he did well in this extra year, he got accepted in the Born in Africa program. He is a very dedicated student who is determined to make a success of his life and he is active every day in realising it. Cameron is also a very keen sportsman and plays 1st team rugby for the university. He got accepted for the Bachelor of Human Life Science and after completing this course successfully in 2015, he started his Honours studies in Human Anatomy before also taking on the Master of Science degree, which he completed successfully in 2019. That same year he was offered a job at SAPS, which meant the end of his career at BIA. Cameron is still determined to obtain in PhD as well though. This is how he tells his story:

"In 2012 I started as a first year at Stellenbosch University, however, I did not meet the minimum requirements for the Bachelor of Science- Human Life Science degree and was given an opportunity to the extended degree program (EDP). During that year my mom and I applied to numerous bursaries, but all of them came back with an “unsuccessful” response. At the time my father was unemployed, and my mother was the sole breadwinner. After I successfully completed my first year within EDP, those results were used to apply to Born in Africa. Thankfully BIA accepted my application! I am currently in the process of completing a Master of Science in Human Anatomy (forensic anthropology). My research is focussed on obtaining biological information from unknown human skeletal remains, with the aim of assisting with victim identification. This is of great importance given the state of crime within South Africa. I successfully completed my BSc Human Life Science degree in 2015, subsequently went on to do a BSc (Honours) Human Anatomy degree– which I completed in 2016. I want to thank BIA for all contributions made, your financial and emotional support, continue to positively influence the paths of so many young lives. Thank you to all my sponsors for graciously investing in my future. Also, a special thank you to those godparents who made time to visit me over the years."

I really appreciate all of you. I have recently been appointed as a Forensic Anthropologist at South African Police Services (SAPS), victim identification centre. So, I plan to continue learning and developing the necessary skills required for this position, but I will also continue my Master of Science degree and later focus on obtaining my PhD.