Danelle Majavie

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Danelle is part of a happy family hailing from Kranshoek. She has three sisters, two of whom are in the Born in Africa programme. Danelle completed her schooling at Wittedrift High and was then accepted to study an extended LLB (Law degree) at The University of the Western Cape in Cape Town. At school Danelle was a shy child, yet has blossomed during her tertiary studies. Born in Africa is most proud to have supported Danelle in her quest to success.

In 2021 she graduated from the University of the Western Cape with her Extended Degree in Law! We now have a real lawyer in our family and Danelle can start working in the career she dreamt of for so long! All the best, Danelle.

Listen to how Danelle looks back on her time with Born in Africa and the lessons she learned: