Elicia Wiesie

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Elicia Wiesie has been a part of Born in Africa for the past eight years and it was such a pleasure to see this young lady grow and develop into the strong young woman she has become.

Faced with more adversities than one can imagine, she would have been destined for a meaningless future had she not been taken into our programme. We offered her the necessary support to take on the challenges she faced which included a home where alcohol abuse has always been rife.  She suffered mental and physical abuse her whole life from her mother and family. Our Born in Africa group sessions taught Elicia how to overcome such adversities and we also taught her the necessary life skills to make a better life for herself. After she completed Gr. 12 she went on to Eden Campus where she achieved her certificate in Business Administration. Born in Africa funded her studies and she qualified to do an additional year for a more advanced certificate.

This is a true success story as Elicia is about to qualify with her Higher Certificate in Business Administration and from there she will enter the job market.  We wish Elicia the best of luck for the future and may she achieve great success.