Freddie Scheepers

pageimage Freddie Scheepers

Freddie Scheepers is a young man with the motivation to succeed. He joined the Born in Africa programme in 2006. He comes from a severe impoverished family situation, yet has always had the motivation to rise above these circumstances. Freddie's dream was always to be able to provide for his family which includes his mother, two aunts and their families. His father abandoned the family, leaving Freddie as the man of the house from a very tender age.

When Freddie graduated with an excellent report from Olympia school in 2010, he approached us with the wish to further his studies. Mr. Sandy Haddad from Haddad Tractors in George was very impressed with Freddie’s report and his eagerness to learn and took him on under his wing. Since he joined the company, Freddie has obtained his driver’s license and bought his own motor vehicle.

Freddie has become a role model for many of his peers in his community and they all look to him as the one who made it, which inspires them to do the same. We at Born in Africa have great faith that Freddie will go very far in life and this is proof that you create your own destiny and that with very little you can go very far in life if you choose to!