Gino Luiters

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Gino is a young man who lives with his mother and brother in Kranshoek. He comes from a family of six children. His mother is unemployed and suffers from a severe form of asthma, for which she receives a small disability allowance. Of course, this far too little for her to be able to feed her family, let alone pay the fees at a skills school like Olympia where he studied woodwork and agricultural engineering. Gino is bursting with talent and creativity and during the holidays he loves nothing more than collecting old pieces of wood to make tables, chairs and cabinets. He was a member of the student council at Olympia Skills School and was often referred to as the class representative because he communicates well. Born in Africa decided to sponsor his tuition, meals and accommodation so that he can find a job doing something he is passionate about now that he has completed his schooling.