Jo Ann 2 SmallJo-Ann Mapondo

Hi everyone. My name is Jo-Ann Mapondo. I finished matric at Wittedrift High School in 2021. After that, I started studying Educare at Varsity College in P.E. I grew up in The Crags with my grandparents for 5 years and moved to live with my parent for the next 7 years of my school career. I grew up with a little sister 12 years younger than me and I was always the one to babysit when my parents went to work or went out. I got into the BIA program when I was in grade 2 which means I started studying through them in my 11th year as ‘Born in Africa’ learner. I grew up in a normal household, we didn't have much but my parents and grandparents always made a way to get me what I needed. 

Jo-Ann completed her higher education successfully in 2023 and we couldn't be more proud of her, all the best!