IMG 3946Verushka Damons

Verushka is the definition of a busy bee as she is always exploring and busy with all sorts of things. She grew up in Kranshoek with her mom, stepdad and sisters and ever since she was still a primary school learner at Kranshoek primary, we could see the energy and keenness to learn radiating from Verushka. That’s probably one of the reasons we took her into the program in grade 3 already! Being one of the top learners in her grade, she got accepted to go to Wittedrift High with a BIA study bursary! Being able to study at this high school was a big deal for Verushka and she made sure she made the most of it, attending a lot of extracurricular activities and being part of the netball team. 2018 was the year she finished high school and had to make a decision of what and where to study. She then commenced a 3- year Bachelor of Education in foundation phase teaching at Varsity College, but realized that wasn't were her true passion lies after all. Together we decided on enrolling her in a 1- year course in Legal Studies at Varsity College which she completed at the end of 2020, well done Verushka!