Zanda Gigi


Zanda Gigi was raised in Kurland Village, The Crags. She went to live with her granny when she was a little girl as her mother could not take care of her due to personal reasons. Growing up in a household with a total number of five women taught Zanda how to be independent and that a woman can certainly stand proud without relying on a man; something which is often still frowned upon in our society. She enrolled successfully at the University of the Western Cape in Town to commence a three year BA degree. Her first choice was to study Law but due to limited spaces she was accepted for the Bachelor of Arts degree where she managed to choose modules to assist her in the future.

After completing her 3- year Bachelor course, Zanda commenced her 1-year Honours degree in Anthropology in 2021. At the end of that year, she also completed that successfully and was the proud owner of 2 degrees! Zanda attended an Afrikaans high school, her university lectures are in English and her home language is Xhosa so we take our hat off to this young lady and wish her all the success in the world!