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Put Us In Your Will

Include Born in Africa in your will or make a donation through ‘duo legate’. Even after you are gone, you can make a difference in a child’s education.

If Born in Africa is dear to you, you can include BIA in your will. This way you can posthumously help out the organisation. Supporting BIA can even be profitable for your heir if you do it through a ‘duo legate’. This is a legal way of ensuring that your heirs can receive more than through a ‘normal’ inheritance, and at the same time supporting a charity. When you make a donation through ‘duo legate’, appointing BIA and the people to whom you want to leave your inheritance as beneficiaries, Born in Africa will pay all inheritance taxes, including those of the other beneficiary. Profitable for BIA as well as your heir(s)!

An example (Flemish tariffs)

… a ‘normal’ legate: Jan has no children. He leaves € 25,000 to his niece Inge (and nothing to charity). Inge will have to pay an inheritance tax of 45% (highest tariff for nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles and ‘strangers’) = 25,000 x 45% = € 11 250. This leaves Inge with € 25,000 – 11,250 = € 13,750.

… a ‘duo legate’: Jan divides his € 25,000 between his niece Inge (€ 15,000) and BIA (€ 10,000). Inge does not have to pay inheritance tax, because it will be paid by BIA. Inge will receive € 15,000. BIA will pay the inheritance tax of 45% on Inge’s part of the inheritance (€ 15,000 x 45% = € 6,750) and 12.5% tax on the other part of the legacy (tariff for acknowledged organisations) (€ 10,000 x 12.5% = €1,250). This way, BIA will receive (€ 10,000 – 8000) = € 2,000.

For more information based on your particular situation, contact your notary or Jaak Leenknegt at BIA (jaak.leenknegt@gmail.com).

I give permission to Born in Africa to use my personal details within the guidelines of the BIA Privacy Policy.