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Put Born in Africa In Your Will Or Make A Donation

Include Born in Africa in your will or make a donation. Even after you are gone, you can make a difference to a child’s education.

If Born in Africa is a project close to your heart, you might consider putting it in your will. That way, you give Born in Africa, as an accepted organization, a firm push in the back, even after your passing. During your life it is also possible to make an unlimited donation to BIA. For both cases, the Flemish legislator, if your domiciling in Flanders, will ensure that the good cause of your choice will pay no (= 0%) gift tax on whatever it receives from your will or through a donation.

Private institutions are explicitly excluded from this exemption and are subject to the existing tariff of 5,5% (gift tax) and 8,5% (inheritance tax). For the Brussels capital region there is a 7% gift tax and (duo)legacy tax for accepted good cause organizations. In the Walloon region a 7%.tax applies to both.

For Born in Africa, as ANBI-recognized organization, you don't pay any tax for donations and legacies in The Netherlands. Donors in The Netherlands can even deduct their donations to Born in Africa from their income tax. 

To evaluate your own situation in depth, kindly contact your notary or Jaak Leenknegt at BIA (jaak.leenknegt@gmail.com)

I give permission to Born in Africa to use my personal details within the guidelines of the BIA Privacy Policy.