Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child and become a Godparent or co-Godparent ...

Spend only €300 per year and we will ensure that your godchild receives a school uniform, is monitored by a mentor on a weekly basis and gets the opportunity to take part in outings, camps and the other educational activities the Born in Africa programme has to offer. Regular correspondence between our godparents and children are facilitated to ensure a positive bond between godparents and children.

If you would like to become a co-godparent you can share in the progress of one of our older students (14 years and older) who have been selected to attend local boarding schools of educational excellence. They are there as a result of their hard work, dedication and determination. Born in Africa assists them financially with school and hostel fees, transport, uniform, school equipment and extra mentorship to help them with school projects and social support.

All godparents and co-godparents will receive progress letters, school results and information about your godchild three times a year. And of course you can correspond with your godchild or even visit them!

Private persons in Belgium are granted tax deduction and certificates for donations of €40 and more. Entrepreneurs in Belgium, please mention your company's KBO number in the form below. This is a necessity in order to receive a tax certificate for your donation.

Sponsors from the Netherlands can also profit from a tax deduction, both for once off as periodic donations. A full tax deduction for periodic donations thanks to the ANBI status however can only be granted when you commit to a five year contract with Born in Africa.

In case you do not receive a response from us within three working days after completing and submitting the form below, please contact us on info@borninafrica.org.

I give permission to Born in Africa to use my personal details within the guidelines of the Born in Africa Privacy Policy


Sponsor a child

Your contribution of €300 to Born in Africa is spent as follows: 

€260 will go to the educational costs of your godchild

€80 Academic support:

School uniform (jersey, rain jacket, shirt, pants, socks, shoes, backpacks and school supplies)

Homework classes, computer classes, vocational guidance, study methods and teacher assistants

€80 Life skills: 

Educational trips and educational camps 

Creative workshops (needlework, woodworking, swimming, gardening projects, singing lessons, public speaking and more)

100 Social support: 

Weekly personal mentoring 

Home visits and parent meetings 

Health checks with referral

€40 is spent on central administration and general expenses 

1.5 full-time administrative staff

Editorial newsletter and reporting to the godparents

General costs such as electricity, rates and taxes, website hosting and postage etc

You can become a godparent via our website

As godparent you have a choice should you prefer to support a girl or a boy. You are also entitled to decide on the age of the child you would like to support. You can also decide whether you would like to sponsor the co-godparent program. These are students of 14 years and older who attend a more costly school where we take care of school fees, transport, hostel accommodation, uniform and stationary costs. BIA ensures regular correspondence between godparent and child.

Because we have 400 + children in the program it is recommended that you support our co-godparent program. As mentioned above the older students’ education is expensive and we spare no costs in insuring they receive the best education available. We strive for quality instead of quantity.

Once you have been acknowledged as a godparent or co-godparent you will receive an introductory letter which will include details of your godchild and photos. You will also receive detailed information on the godparent sponsoring program and our latest newsletter. Three times a year can expect a letter, picture, camp evaluations, etc. from the child your are supporting.

There are three possibilities to make your payments. A monthly payment of € 25, € 75 per quarter or a yearly payment of € 300. We will however notify you shortly before your yearly contribution comes to an end with the option to renew.

The BIA bank details are:

Born in Africa
Robert Dalechamplaan 4
1200 Brussels
BIC number in Belgium: BBRUBEBB
IBAN number in Belgium: BE38 3632 2998 0572
Name of Bank: ING Bank

As a godparent we encourage a personal connection between godparent and child. Three standard envelopes containing the progress of your child, photos, school results and personal letters are mailed in May, August and December.

All correspondence runs through BIA. Letters and pictures from you can be sent to the following postal address:

Born in Africa
Att. (name godchild) + school
PO Box 1674
Plettenberg Bay
South Africa

Sure, you as a godparent can send a parcel or put extra money in the BIA- account for special events, but we would advise to send a maximum of 2 parcels per year. Perhaps one for Christmas and one for his or her birthday.

To deposit money we suggest you contact BIA beforehand and to deposit the amount in the BIA account in Belgium using the reference: gift (name of child and school). We will then discuss with the child and the family what is most needed at the moment and buy it locally. We give preference of depositing money for birthdays or holidays so we can buy what is really needed and it also saves you the high transport costs.

Photos are taken when gifts are delivered and this way we ensure you share in the happiness. These photos are mailed in your next envelope.

It is to the child’s advantage to support him or her for a minimum period of three years and we advocate this. Usually customarily the sponsorship lasts until the child has completed his or school career. Should the student move on to tertiary studies we include him or her as part of the co-godparent program due to the high educational costs.

It is important to stress that there are many factors at stake due to the personal nature of the program. BIA reserves the right to conclude the agreement should the child relocate to another area, or for whatever reason the child leaves the program. In such a case we will immediately notify you and give you the choice of another child. Each case is handled according to its own merits just as each child has his or her own personal needs.

Certainly. BIA regularly welcomes godparents visiting. Kindly contact us before your visit and we will arrange the meeting at the BIA office in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. After your visit, a BIA representative can accompany you and your godchild to his or her home and this way you can meet the family.

The Born in Africa team takes charge of all financial facets. The adoption program payments are spent on the educational and social progress of your godchild exclusively. € 300 per year is spent on the school uniform, educational camp, outings, mentorship fees and administration costs.

The older children in the study bursary program acquire the opportunity of getting quality education and BIA takes full responsibility for their financial needs which include school uniform, school fees, hostel and transport fees as well as valuable mentorship. They are also included in our educational camps and outings.

Should you need to end your sponsorship due to unforeseen circumstances we kindly request you to inform us as soon as possible.

This gives offers us the opportunity to seek new godparents for your child which will ensure stability for your child. Rest assured that your child will remain in our database until new godparents are found.