Sponsor a Dream in Africa

Born in Africa always encourages children to believe in their dreams and we strive to translate dreams in to a reality by turning them into goals, with a plan and a deadline to aid the process. Dreams can come true in Africa too!

The aim of the project is to inspire our learners. If they can start believing that their dreams are possible and worth reaching for, the hope is that they will be motivated to chase their dreams with greater fervour. Every month we will be choosing one dream from a "dream board" created by Born in Africa learners. These boards are put on display in schools where learners will be able to see one another's dreams and see the dreams that have come true. 

We rely on sponsorship to make dreams come true and normally raise funds for each dream individually. The option to fund a full or part dream is available. For more information about upcoming dreams and donations please contact us at info@borninafrica.org.

Dream it! Believe it! Achieve it!

Sponsor a dream

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