Eye operation for vision disorder

APRIL 2013

pageimage DSC05633Dreamer: Imogene Krigga 

The Dream: Imogene was born with Amblyopia, a vision disorder where the eyes do not see in a synchronized way. By 9 years of age, the brain normally shuts off the impaired eye and the child affected then only has vision in one eye. It is unfortunately not something that the brain can “unlearn”. Her dream was to see in both eyes! 

The Process: Born in Africa visited optometrist Dr. Roger Brink of Mossel Bay who recommended we proceed with the operation. We then made an appointment with ophthalmic surgeon Dr Peter Harpur of Knysna. He was very keen to perform the operation and actually became our hero in the process. He negotiated special rates with the Knysna Private Hospital as well as Dr Sarah Bayman the anaesthetist. 

Funding: Born in Africa immediately set out on a fund raising campaign and thanks to Imogene’s Born in Africa godparents – the Vanhaerents family, Nicole Dupreez and the Sabrina Love Foundation as well as Rolf Sieper and his daughter Ines Steinberg of Germany, the money for the operation was raised in record time! Thank you to everyone involved! 

Dream Come True: The surgery was performed on Monday 22 April 2013. This is a day that Imogene Krigga, now 16 years of age, will never forget. The next morning when she opened her eyes and realised that the operation had been a success. After 16 years of having difficulty with reading, sports and school work as a result of her eye, she can now see! Imogene visited Dr Harpur for her post op check-up and he too established that there has been a substantial improvement.