To visit a bakery and learn to bake

JULY 2013

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Dreamers: Two Born in Africa students - Amor Adams from Crags and Kaysorane Campher from Kranshoek.

The Dream: The girls were eager to spend a day at a bakery and learn to bake their own delights.

The Process: Born in Africa contacted one of our most esteemed bakeries in town, Clare’s cakes, one which we have formed a relationship with.

Dream Come True: They got to spend an entire day at the bakery, meet and spend time with the staff, learning the ins and outs of the baking. They were taught the art of icing, got to bake their own fairy cakes and the Pièce de résistance was of course that they got to take it all home with them to share with their families. Clare, thank you so much for inspiring these young girls! You welcomed them into your shop and made them feel at home.