A brand new bunk bed

JUNE 2013

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Dreamer: Little Keenon is 8 years old and he attends the Special Needs Class at Formosa Primary school. His mother left him and his two brothers and moved away with her boyfriend after which he moved in with his aunt in New Horizon. Currently, he is living with 8 people in a small two bedroom house.

The Dream: Keenon’s biggest dream was to have a bed of his own. He was sharing a bed with his grandfather, brother and cousin. Just imagine sharing a double bed with 3 other family members! It must be very difficult to get a good night’s rest and still concentrate and perform well at school.

The Process: BIA decided that a bunk bed would be the most practical solution as the room the family sleeps in is very small.

Dream Come: True: Ton and Kora Coenen decided to make Keenon’s dream come true. They bought him a brand new bunk bed and he was delighted to have the top bunk all to himself. BIA also supplied him with some linen and a blanket.