Soccer boots, shin guards and tracksuits

JUNE 2013

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Dreamer: Masibonge Vusani. This young man is in grade 9 in Plett Secondary School. He lives in Kurland Village with his parents, brother, two sisters and three cousins. All together they are 9 people living in a wooden shack with two rooms and a kitchen. During the winter it becomes unbearably cold especially with the rainy season. Despite the harsh conditions Masibonge remains an upbeat student who loves soccer.

The Dream: Masibonge’s dream was to receive a pair of soccer boots (size 7 Adidas- predators), shin guards and a tracksuit. Soccer is his passion and he truly loves playing it. He represents his school team and is a member of a local soccer Club in Crags. His dream was to have his own soccer boots as he feels it will lift his performance on the field as well as his confidence in general.

The Process: BIA searched for sponsors to make Masibonge’s dream come true and to help him toward success in his life as a soccer player!

Dream Come True: Ton and Kora Coenen, Born in Africa god parents, along with DHL Holland, decided to sponsor this dream. Ton and Kora bought Masibonge soccer shoes, shin pads and socks, whilst DHL Holland sponsored new tracksuits for the whole team. What a wonderful dream come true!