To have my own cupboard

MAY 2013

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Dreamer: Rickell Williams is a year old girl living in the Green Valley Township with an astonishing household of 11 people! Her mother is currently fostering 6 children from the street, besides her brothers and sisters. A person would expect a fair amount of jealousy as she has to share her mother with so many other siblings, but this remarkable young lady has embraced everyone in the household and has learned to share all she has with them.

The Dream: Rickell shares her clothes with the others in the household and the only wardrobe in the house is an old, wooden, loose standing kitchen cabinet in the bathroom. Her dream is to have her own cupboard and some new clothes to put in it.

The Process: BIA searched for a sponsor to buy her a proper wardrobe for her bedroom and to fill it with clothes.

Dream Come True: Ton and Kora Coenen, Born in Africa godparents, decided to sponsor this dream. We would like to give our sincere thanks to them for Rickell’s new cupboard!