To help animals at the SPCA


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Dreamers: Ellen Kleinsmidt and Nicole Jacobs are two BIA children living in Kranshoek , about 15 km Plettenberg Bay. Ellen is currently 10 years old and Nicole is 11 years old and both are in Grade 4.

The Dream (Ellen): Ellen is one of our BIA children who will go very far in life. Although her parents are overcome with poverty, this young lady is not going to let this stand in her way. She works very hard at her schoolwork, excels on the athletic track and she has a passion for animals. So much so that she wants to be a vet one day. She wants to work with sick animals, heal them and ensure they lead the quality of lives they deserve. Ellen currently feels very sensitive about the state of the animals, horses and cats in Kranshoek. Every day she sees animals suffering as they are neglected by their owners. It has been Ellen’s dream to do something about this tragic situation and the BIA/DHL “My dream in Africa” has come to the rescue. She has been selected as the month of May dream.

The Dream (Nicole): Nicole and Ellen are best friends and Nicole is the more introverted of the two. She too lives in Kranshoek, as a matter of fact she lives only a couple of houses from Ellen. Nicole is a very sensitive young girl who has a passion to please others. She is most happy though when she can spend time with her dog at home. The only issue there is that she feels that her family and friends need to be educated more on the welfare of animals. Therefore her dream was to work with animals, learn all about them and then in turn teach others. The family are very poor as well and there is not always food to feed her dog, but she says that she always gives him some of her food. Wow, this little girl has a big heart!

The Process: BIA contacted PAWS (Plett animal welfare society), who is the Plettenberg Bay Animal Welfare Society and they are involved in most of the animal rescues, community immunising projects, local spaying programs etc. They have a very successful rate of re-homing animals as well and their staff are very passionate about what they do.

Dream come true: Nicole and Ellen are spending Fridays with the PAWS team at their headquarters situated just outside Plettenberg Bay. There they will be able to have some “hands-on” time assisting with the care of the animals. The knowledge they gain will most certainly be of advantage to both of them when making their career choices one day.