To visit a restaurant


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Dreamers: The group consists of Ayesha Majavie, Bridgette Titus, Caitlin Miggels, Chardonay Philander, Darielle Bailey, Estee Quinch, Fazela Kiewiets, Jake Johnson, Keashwin Samuels, Nicole Ludick and Simamkele Tyam.

The Dream: This group of 11 Born in Africa dreamers wanted to visit a restaurant in Plettenberg Bay. Many of them had never eaten at a restaurant before!

The Process: Shafick Philander’s godparents, Gilbert & Lieve van Caeneghem-Joosten, heard about the dream and immediately contacted us offering to make the dream come true.

Dream Come True: We contacted Spur about and they gave us a lovely discount which included a burger, chips, cold drink and ice-cream for each child. They also had lots of fun with balloons, masks and in the play area at Spur.