Our dream is to see and touch snakes


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Dreamers: Four Crags learners - Narswhin, Josleigh-Ann, Lona and Mizaan

Dream: Their dream was to see, touch, learn about and get to know real snakes in person.

The Process: We raised funds and contacted Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary, owners Michael and Emily, who kindly gave us a discount on entrance fees.

Dream Come True: The dream came true with a visit to the snake park. Albert, their guide for the day, gave the children lots of cool and interesting facts about the snakes. His insight and knowledge of the animals, as well as his love for them, was very evident. They were nervous and a little scared at first, but very brave as they warmed up to these cold blooded animals with Albert’s help. We are sure that they will remember the valuable lessons they learnt and this “dream come true” experience for the rest of their lives!