Dreams come true in 2024

Here are the dreams that have come true in 2024!

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January 2024- Peppermill

To eat out at the Peppermill restaurant


January 2024- Spur

To eat out at Spur


February 2024- Have a bedroom for me and my sister

Have a bedroom for my sister and me


February 2024- Spend the day at Adventure Land

Spend the day at Adventure Land


March 2024- To have a bed

To have a bed

MARCH 2024

March 2024- Visit Tenikwa Ranch

Visit Tenikwa Ranch

MARCH 2024

April 2024- Have a ball or skateboard

To have a ball or skateboard

APRIL 2024

April 2024- Have headphones or a ringlight

To have headphones or a ring light

APRIL 2024

May 2024- Have a voucher to go shopping

Go on a shopping spree

MAY 2024

May 2024- Favourite toy, arts and crafts or math book

To have my favourite toy, arts and crafts or math book

MAY 2024

June 2024- extension to house

To have an extension to our house

JUNE 2024

June 2024- toys

To have my favourite toy

JUNE 2024

July 2024- School blazer and sports clothes

To have my school blazer or sports outfit

JULY 2024

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JUNI 2024

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To have a sports outfit and uniform

JULI 2024