Dreams come true in 2022

Here are the dreams that have come true in 2022!

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My dream is...

January 2022- Garden clean-up

To have our garden cleaned up


January 2022- Bedroom make-over

A make-over for my bedroom


February 2022- A bed and bedding

To have my own bed and nice bedding


February 2022- Headphones

Bluetooth headphones to listen to music


March 2022- Books and toys

My favourite book, toy or doll

MARCH 2022

March 2022- Microwaves

A microwave for my home

MARCH 2022

April 2022- Cupboards

A cupboard to put my clothes in

APRIL 2022

April 2022- Hairsets

Hairset to do my own hair

APRIL 2022

May 2022- Bedroom make-over

Make- over of my bedroom- Quinique

MAY 2022

May 2022- Vouchers

Go shopping with a voucher

MAY 2022

June 2022- Decorate my own cake

Decorate my own birthday cake

JUNE 2022

June 2022- rollerblades, soccer boots

Roller blades, skateboard, toiletries and soccer boots

JUNE 2022

July 2022- sport stuff

A uniform or ball for my hobby

JULY 2022

July 2022- Gadgets

My favourite gadget

JULY 2022

August 2022- a guitar

A guitar