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Support BIA in a fun way!

Help us by organising a fun event, such as a fundraiser party, a spaghetti evening, a music concert, selling goods at your local flea market, and more.

Our experienced team of volunteers can assist you to make this a memorable event in aid of BIA. Complete the form and we will contact you! Also, see examples of some fundraisers below. 

Support in a fun way

I give permission to Born in Africa to use my personal details within the guidelines of the BIA Privacy Policy.

Buckinghamshire BIA Charity Golf Day

Jane and Alan Bradley organise golf days with raffles and some great auction prizes. The funds raised go the Dream in Africa project.

BIA team in Meetjesland

Since a couple of years the Born in Africa Meetjesteam has not been sleeping! They have been very busy fundraising for our new Kranshoek classrooms, built in 2017. Marathons, breakfast walks and bake sales are just a few of the activities they have been keeping busy with. In January 2017, 5 of the couples came to South Africa to help furnish the classrooms. What an enthusiastic team! 

BIA Team Fundraising in Norway

Toralf and Reidun Nordbotten are BIA godparents from Norway. They spend the summer months in South Africa volunteering for BIA and the remainder of the year Toralf is actively involved in doing fundraising for BIA, with golf days and other events. Another enthusiastic couple who find ways to support BIA in a fun way!