Meet Our VIPs

Born in Africa draws support from many different people. Our highly regarded Born in Africa Ambassadors promote our cause with their involvement and project endorsement.

delfine persoonweb

Delfine Persoon
Professional boxing champion

Delfine has been well known for many years in the boxing scene and since 2022 she is a big name for Born in Africa, as ambassador. By supporting a child herself as a godparent and representing us at events, she strengthens Born in Africa immensely!

"I have a weak spot for children and especially those who grow up in challenging circumstances. Good education is the only way out for these children and that is why Born in Africa will always have my support!"

pageimage paulvanhimst

Paul Van Himst
Belgian National Soccer Coach

Paul has always been known as a top football coach- but he is also the proud godfather of a Born In Africa child. In the same way he motivates his players as a coach, he encourages others to do their best for Born In Africa.

'The Born in Africa initiative is a great coach for the children from the townships. With the right help, these children will be making many “goals”! '

pageimage tiahellebaut

Tia Hellebaut
Olympic Gold Medallist

Tia’s dedication to her sport has earned her an Olympic gold medal in high jump, while her dedication to our organisation, using every available opportunity to promote our organisation, has made her a wonderful Ambassador. Tia is also a godparent to one of our Born in Africa children. Thanks to Tia’s never-ending support, Born In Africa will always raise the bar!

“Hard work and huge motivation is a lot, but sometimes not enough. Born In Africa’s children receive the necessary support to develop their talents. Therefore I am 100% behind it.“

pageimage krispeeters

Kris Peeters
Belgian politician

Supports Born In Africa wholeheartedly, as he expressed enthusiastically at a recent fundraising evening in Brussels.

“I really admire Born In Africa! Support disadvantaged children in South Africa and helps them to a better future.“

pageimage karelvaneetvelt

Karel van Eetvelt
CEO Febelfin and former CEO Of UNIZO

Karel is the CEO of Febelfin, was the head of a Belgian organisation for self-employed and SMME’s and has been a godfather for many years.

“I find it very gratifying to see how Devante has progressed in school. It’s wonderful to see how eager he is. These African children yearn for clear, quality training. Born In Africa encourages them and provides the necessary guidance. We also fully support Siya Phambili, a company founded by Born In Africa. This rapidly growing arts & crafts centre, run by mothers of children Born in Africa, already has more than 21 women working towards a better future for their families. Impressive!”

pageimage hermanpetervanrompuy

Herman and Peter Van Rompuy

Herman (First President of the European Council) and Peter (Senator – Belgian Government) are both associated with Born in Africa. Herman supports his godchild, and Peter often promotes Born in Africa by attending benefits and fund raisers.

“Young talent in South Africa is too often lost as children grow up in disadvantaged areas. It is encouraging to know that an organisation like Born In Africa gives children, just like our girl Ellen, hope for a better future. Born In Africa warms my heart and I sincerely wish them very good luck for the future."

DSC 3234 MediumGert Verhulst
Actor and founder of Studio 100

Gert Verhulst is a successful actor and entrepreneur in Belgium who has founded Studio 100, producing different children's tv shows and music. Gert Verhulst has been a godparent for many years and has also done a lot of fundraising for Born in Africa.

In 2017 he was involved in organizing an auction in Belgium with the family Vandermarliere (honoured BIA members), making sure 50 percent of the total profit would be donated to Born in Africa and in 2018 he sponsored the trip and stay of two of our BIA students to Belgium. He welcomed them wholeheartedly in his home and let them in on what he believes the key to success is. Thank you so much for being an inspiration, everything you have done for our students and your ongoing support!

"The reason why I fully support and believe in Born in Africa, is because they have a long- term vision which they try to realize. They give a future to children who didn't have one before."

VIP webs Medium2Paul Michiels

Belgian Pop & Soul singer

Paul has been a well- known singer for many years, but also at Born in Africa we have known him for a while now as an amazing part of the family and sponsor, together with his wife Tineke. In 2016 he took part in the auction to celebrate family business De Strooper's 130th birthday by making a piece of art himself and supporting Born in Africa at the same time. Born in Africa received a lot of support to build the education centre in Kranshoek. We know we can always count on him, thank you Paul!