RTWA6812Kelsey Kriga

This young lady grew up with her mom in Kurland village, The Crags and has been in Born in Africa since grade 1. Ever since she was in primary school herself, Kelsey had the desire to be a teacher because her role model is Juffrou Koeberg, grade 1 teacher at The Crags primary. Kelsey attended Wittedrift High School from grade 8, where she was very active on the sports field doing athletics, a passion she wants to share with her future pupils. We were happy to embark on this new chapter in her life when she started studying in 2018.

For 4 years Sandy was a student at Varsity College in Port Elizabeth where she pursued a Bachelor of Education, foundation phase. In South Africa this means she could be a teacher for the lower grades at primary school, grade 1-3. At the end of 2022 she obtained her Bachelor Degree and is now ready to start job hunting at different schools. All the best, Kelsey!