1-3 March 2013 - Robinson Crusoe Survival Camp

Ingwe Forest Adventures played host to the Born in Africa Gr 5 & 6 girls Robinson Crusoe camp. A more perfect setting you could not have found for the adventure filled program which took place.

The 60 girls from Crags, Kranshoek, Covie, New Horizon and Wittedrift worked together in groups which promoted team building and added to the jungle vibe. They kicked ofF the weekend’s program by composing “war cries” and painting their group slogans on banners which they then performed in a “song off” against the rival groups. They watched a survival play which was put together by the Born in Africa volunteers. It needed their interaction to end in the ultimate survivor! Something one would definitely use should one end up on a deserted island after being shipwrecked.

A treasure hunt followed which lead into fun swimming time. The group, who was still stranded at Ingwe Forest Adventures, were also paid a visit by “Emcare” who taught them basic first aid to survive in the jungle.

They explored the area and a moonlight walk showed them a different side to being a castaway on a deserted island.

BIA would like to thank Debbie of Ingwe Forest Adventures for an incredible venue. Thanks to Reon of Emcare for teaching our girls the importance of first aid and thanks to the BIA staff and volunteers for organising such an amazing camp. Enormous thanks goes to the 60 girls who created such an amazing vibe. Robinson Crusoe really enjoyed having you on his shipwreck adventure!