16 April 2015 - BIA Nippers make waves

Five Born in Africa learners whom we have added to the Nippers program (Ellen kleinsmith, Robert Kleinsmith, Marcell Patterson, Celine Olivier and Nicole Jacobs) have come a long way and we are very proud of their achievements. With the support of BIA and Plett Nippers, they went to Nationals in Strand (Cape Town) this month, competing against the best of the best in their age group. Ellen Kleinsmidt got an amazing 2 gold medals for flags and sprint, Robert Kleinsmidt came 8th in the flags and 7th in the sprint and Celine Olivier came 6th in the long distance. What a wonderful experience! They had a fantastic time and it is great to see the progress they are making, the boost this program has given them and the hard work they are willing to put in – going that extra mile, quite literally.

Robert Kleinsmidt dashing for a flagChaz Frazer and BIA volunteers testing new Nippers Development team applicants for 2015BIA Nippers practicing216927706076463808005783371402391079803n111677857706079897140994086351010393793040n111495447706074130474901514003649724124276n104184847706092863806362773236397844303614n