26-28 April 2013 - Ingwe Adventure Camp

Ingwe Forest Adventures played host to another Born in Africa camp. This time it was the boys’ turn to go on an adventure, which was characteristically "rougher and tougher". 47 boys from Crags Primary, Wittedrift Primary and Kranshoek Primary attended the camp. There was an atmosphere of excitement all weekend and the boys took all their energy out in enthusiastic participation.

They played various games, such as “stalk the lantern”, spent time splashing in the pool, went on an afternoon hike exploring the surrounds, watched a movie and generally had as much fun as possible! Emcare also paid them a visit with a first-hand, up close and personal first aid demonstration.

As always, hunger pains were stilled during the camp with some delicious food prepared by BIA mentor Marita with the help of our ever-enthusiastic volunteers who enjoyed the camp as much as the children did! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the wellbeing of BIA learners.

Thank you also to Wesley Andrew, our Education Co-ordinator, for once again organising a camp that yielded so many unforgettable, happy memories.